Visit Visa

Business Visitor visa · Child Visitor visa · Entertainer Visitor visa · Family ... Visiting the UK for 6 months or more, including visas for partners (eg spouse) and ...

US Visa requirements

Because of such cultural diversity and a stable economy United States or the US sees huge influx for foreigners applying to the United States. There are several categories of visas from which to choos [...]

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UK visit visa requirements

United Kingdom or simply the UK is known for its history and culture. Its bustling cities and its museums attract hordes of visitors willing to apply for a visit visa. Its medical services are known t [...]

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UK visa requirements

With a growing economy, beautiful history and breathtaking sights UK is one of the largest areas to come across immigrants as well as non immigrants who want to come to UK for different purposes. With [...]

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UAE visit visa for Pakistanis

After the exploration of oil and gas reserves in the United Arab Emirates or commonly called UAE it has developed economically and culturally by leaps and bounds. Its job market is always in need of s [...]

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Canadian visit visa requirements

Canada has always been the hub of tourists from around the world. Its cold weather makes it ideal for adrenaline junkies to visit Canada for its outdoors. Acceptance of immigrants to become a permanen [...]

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USA visit visa requirements

Cultural diversity, breathtaking sceneries and prosperity are some of the salient features that catch the attention of tourists from across the earth to visit USA and have a glance of what they have b [...]

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